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QFF supports projects that address urgent, crucial and sustainable needs for the greatest number of beneficiaries, and focus on four main priority areas: child education, fisheries, healthcare, and entrepreneurship.

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Tohoku 5 years on

Japan has the most advanced disaster preparation strategies in the world. Anti-seismic building regulations are stringent, every schoolchild knows what to do in an earthquake and advance warning systems are in place for tsunami and volcanic eruptions.

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Qatar Friendship Fund Project NewsLetter

MORIUMIUS LUSAIL is a modern sustainable learning complex using a restored 93-year-old elementary school, supported by a grant from the Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF), in Ogatsu-cho of Miyagi, Fukushima.

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Press Release

Jul 13, 2015


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Jun 17, 2015

QFF-supported entrepreneurship project to be new hub for ‘people that do’ following ground-breaking ceremony

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Media Center

  • Feb 22, 2015
    Qatar Science Campus
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  • Nov 23, 2016
    Qatari students trip to QSC (Qatar Science Campus)
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English translation below Japanese 【東北3県からのフレンドシップ メッセージ (43)~福島県白河市~】子どもからお年寄りが楽しく身体を動かして、笑顔になって帰っていただきたい・・・そんな願いからこの4月より特定非営利活動法人白河市体育協会の自主事業である『スポーツスマイリィクラブ』が発足しました。現在、約130名の会員様がエクササイズルームでの親子リトミック教室や肩こりホグササイズ教室や、ノリノリダンス教室・・・フットサル場ではエンジョイフットサル教室に参加して元気に汗を流しています。遠く離れたカタールからの愛に感謝しつつ、震災後の子ども達の運動不足解消、そして多くの市民が医者いらずで笑顔で毎日を過ごせるよう、さらにアナビーを有効活用していきます。(白河市体育協会事務局 松崎真由美さん) 【Message of Friendship from Tohoku (43)~Shirakawa city, Fukushima】” The Sports Smiley Club” started in April, 2015, as a project of Shirakawa City Athletic Association, in order to make people from kids to the elderly healthy and happy by exercising. There are about 130 members and they enjoy various exercises, such as “Eurythmics class of parent and child”, “Soften stiff shoulders class”, and “Easy dancing class”, as well as “Enjoy Futsal class” at the Futsal Gym. With keeping the appreciation to Qatar in mind, I would like to encourage more people to use ANNABI facility effectively, in order to support kid’s lack of exercise after disaster, and enable all Shirakawa people to stay away from the doctor, and enjoy their healthy life. (Mayumi Matsuzaki, Shirakawa City Athletic Association)

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