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QFF supports projects that address urgent, crucial and sustainable needs for the greatest number of beneficiaries, and focus on four main priority areas: child education, fisheries, healthcare, and entrepreneurship.

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Tohoku 5 years on

Japan has the most advanced disaster preparation strategies in the world. Anti-seismic building regulations are stringent, every schoolchild knows what to do in an earthquake and advance warning systems are in place for tsunami and volcanic eruptions.

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Qatar Friendship Fund Project NewsLetter

MORIUMIUS LUSAIL is a modern sustainable learning complex using a restored 93-year-old elementary school, supported by a grant from the Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF), in Ogatsu-cho of Miyagi, Fukushima.

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Press Release

Jul 13, 2015


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Jun 17, 2015

QFF-supported entrepreneurship project to be new hub for ‘people that do’ following ground-breaking ceremony

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Media Center

  • Feb 22, 2015
    Qatar Science Campus
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  • Nov 23, 2016
    Qatari students trip to QSC (Qatar Science Campus)
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English translation below Japanese 【東北3県からのフレンドシップ メッセージ (41)】 東日本大震災から5年、被災地の復興はまだまだ進んでいません。気候変動による異常気象が新たな災害をもたらしています。QFFの助成を受けて、私たちは災害・復興に女性の力を活用して欲しいと日本政府や国連に政策提言を行い、地域での女性防災リーダーの育成や防災関係者への男女共同参画への理解に努めてきました。昨年3月国連で採択された「仙台防災枠組2015-2030」(SFDRR)に女性のエンパワメントとリーダーシップが明記されました。SFDRRが国内の防災・復興政策に取り入れられるよう、継続して内外に提言していかなくてなりません。その担い手となる人材の育成も必要です。『女性の力で変革を~男女共同参画と災害リスク削減』をテーマに、市民団体や全国各地の女性・男女共同参画センターと協力・連携して参ります。  (写真1)2015年6月18日報告会(東京ウィメンズプラザ)  (写真2)2015年12月3日講演と討議「SDGsと災害」 (日本女子会館) (男女共同参画と災害・復興ネットワーク JWNDRR 大野曜さん) 【Message of Friendship from Tohoku (41)】Five years have passed since the disaster, but the recovery in the affected areas has not progressed so well yet. The abnormal weather by changing climate brings new disasters as well. We have made proposals to the Japanese Government and United Nations with QFF support, including the recommendation of a policy that women should be actively involved in cases of recovery after disaster. We worked on educating the female leaders in disaster defense, as well as discussing with affiliates about the importance of gender equality participation. “The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk education 2015-2030” (SFDRR) which was adopted by United Nations in March, 2015, stipulated women’s empowerment and leadership. We have to keep proposing both domestically and overseas that SFDRR should be incorporated in the internal policy of disaster risk reduction and recovery. It’s also important to develop and educate human resources. We will work with JWNDRR offices, private sectors and other stakeholders all over Japan, focused on the theme of “Transform with women’s power~Gender equality for disaster risk reduction” (Phoro1: JWNDRR meeting on June 18, 2015) (Photo2: Seminar and workshop on December 03, 2015) (Yo, Oono, JWNDRR)

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